The recent « national innovation systems « analyzed and theorized by Freeman (1987), Lundvall (1992), Nelson (1993), Edquist (1997), engage a redefinition of organizations and research and innovation careers in order to fulfill the requirements of the current market value of the productions derived from the University. At the intersection of the prospective research and the development of innovative products, new interfaces arise between science and industry.

Multiple arbitrations should allow the modulation of these interfaces: The research and development work shall mobilize a heterogeneous alloy of players (researchers, manufacturers, users) who will work together to articulate various activity lines and objectives; the valuation work will generate different externalities and market contracts on competitive social scenes. The work interdisciplinary and project-based organization shall renew the type of partnerships between sciences, technologies and companies. It will push the professional identities as well as the purposes of research and scientific or industrial innovation.